Dr. Zachary R. Hodges has served 20 years as president for the college’s Northwest region. With more than 40 years of service in the field of higher education his strategic, futuristic thinking and commitment to partner with diverse stakeholders has leveraged the college as a catalyst for economic and community development in West Houston.

Some of his recognized accomplishments include:

  • Inspiring the creation of multiple learning support options for students
  • Engaging the community through meaningful conversations concerning the future of higher education
  • Initiating and leading efforts which bridge the college and partners for the benefit of students and future workforce
  • Developing partnerships with local school districts to support P-16 pipeline
  • Managing college budget, fairly serving all departments while emphasizing efficiencies and empowering grass roots decision-making
  • Facilitating strategies and tactics to improve college’s brand within Alief, Katy, Spring Branch and Greater Houston Community
  • Supporting underserved communities through new 21st century strategic thinking with an emphasis on economic impact
  • Focusing on authentic, collaborative leadership and genuine respect for all people
  • Building strong working teams to address college and community issues

Dr. Hodges believes that Human Capital Development=Economic Development=Community Development. He is a strong supporter of private/public partnerships, and he encourages colleges and universities to collaborate – a benefit to students and taxpayers.

Dr. Hodges led efforts to bring the University of Texas – Tyler to Houston. With his auspicious leadership on the partnership, UT Tyler now offers junior and senior engineering degree courses leading to a Bachelor of Science in Engineering at the HCC Alief Campus at Hayes Road. HCC students are able to earn their ABET-(Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) approved associate degrees in engineering, and then have the convenience of applying to UT Tyler locally.

In addition to the partnership with UT Tyler, Dr. Hodges facilitated the HCC Katy campus’ role in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the University of Houston System. The MOU with the UH System established HCC and UH System as partners in developing a university center to better meet the higher education needs of the Katy/West Houston community. UH System’s plans for Katy/West Houston to embark on a planning process with HCC to develop a more comprehensive higher education plan for the region.

Dr. Hodges is a strong proponent for entrepreneurship and believes this is the third rail of the community college curriculum, along with Workforce and Academics. In 2012, Dr. Hodges presented at the National Association of Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) conference about the entrepreneurial college. In 2008, he initiated a Business Plan Competition for the HCC Spring Branch Campus with the backing of Newspring, a local social entrepreneurship 501c3 organization. NACCE also recognized him as Entrepreneurial President of the Year in 2013.

Dr. Hodges believes in a collaborative approach to addressing the needs of the business community to create and support a highly skilled, competitive, 21st Century workforce. He is a recognized speaker on higher education, leadership and community engagement.

Dr. Hodges has served or currently serves on various local boards and committees including the: Houston West Chamber of Commerce, West Houston Association-Quality Growth Partner, Memorial City TIRZ, Katy Medical Center, Katy ARTreach, American Leadership Forum, Altharetta Yeargin Art Museum, Genesys Works, Houston Cinema Arts Society Task Force on Film, Houston Technology Center, United Way’s Management Assistance, Partners in Education and Career and Technology for the Katy and Spring Branch School Districts, Chairman of the Mustang District of the Boy Scouts of America, P-16 Council of West Houston and the West Houston Medical Center boards.

At the state and national level, he served on the Board of the Texas Association of Business along with the committee for the Texas A&M University College of Agriculture: Visioning for the 21st Century, the Commission on Effective Leadership for the American Council on Education (ACE), the American Association of Community Colleges Commission on Research, Technology and Emerging Trends, and as the 1999-2000 Chair of the ACE Council of Fellows.

Dr. Hodges was invited as a thought leader to the 2008 education leadership conference, "Higher Education in a Global Society," hosted by the TIAA-CREF Institute. He joined other thought leaders from institutions across the country to examine the critical role of higher education in strengthening worldwide economies, building global collaborations and meeting workforce needs around the world.  

Dr. Hodges has been recognized for his leadership and commitment to positively influence the economic development of Houston. Recognitions include: the 2010 Diamond Leadership Award from the West Houston Leadership Institute, the “2006 Pinnacle Award” from the Houston West Chamber of Commerce, the “Citizen of the Year for 2004” by the Katy Area Chamber of Commerce, and as a 1991-1992 American Council of Education Fellow.

Dr. Hodges holds a B.S. in History, and a M.S. and Ed.D. in Counseling from Texas A&M - Commerce. He is a graduate of the West Houston Leadership Institute Class I, Leadership Houston Class XV, American Leadership Forum Class XIX, the American Association of Community Colleges Presidents’ Academy and the League of Innovation Executive Leadership Institute.