Educational Technology Services

The values of Northwest College are Learning, Serving, and Excelling. Educational Technology Services is dedicated to promoting  those values by supporting the efforts of educators, students, and staff. We do this first and foremost by supporting teaching and learning in all of its forms.

We are dedicated to creating pathways to technology adoption for faculty, staff, and students at Northwest College. Our multifaceted team can assist you with a broad range of technology projects including online collaboration, technology literacy, and providing innovative solutions to the challenges of teaching and learning in the new millennium.

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Our Services

Technology Planning & Implementation

Educational Technology Services is responsible for facilitating instructional technology efforts at Northwest College. The department also acts as a key coordinator with technology organizations at the district level as well as the other regional colleges.

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Assistive Technology for Students

The Assistive Technology department works closely with Student Services and faculty to ensure that students requiring technology for ADA accommodations are supported at all times. This department also maintains a mini-lab at the Spring Branch campus to assist those students requiring additional assistance.

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Curriculum Innovation Center

The Curriculum Innovation Center has a central mission of meeting faculty at the intersection of instruction and technology and working with them to design relevant and engaging learning experiences. Through our creative staff, our faculty mentors and our lab facilities, we offer many opportunities for faculty to discover ways to use technology in their courses.

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Hardware & Software Support

Our technical support team is dedicated to maintaining the infrastructure necessary for successful technology adoption and implementation at Northwest College. They provide support for all instructional and administrative computing at the Alief, Katy and Spring Branch campuses.

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Open Computer Labs

The Open Computer Labs at the Alief,  Katy and Spring Branch campuses provide key technology services to our students in support of academic success from the online enrollment and registration process to their course assignments and projects.

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