Disciplinary sanctions for violations of the policy

The HCC policy prohibiting the unlawful possession, use, distribution, or manufacture of illicit drugs and/or alcohol on the campus and at System sponsored events protects and supports the employees and students of HCC.


Sanctions under law

All HCC students and employees are expected to comply with federal, state, and local drug and alcohol laws as well as HCC policies and procedures. Any student or employee who violates any of these drug or alcohol laws will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency and will be subject to prosecution in accordance with the law. Legal sanctions for violation of local, state, and/or federal laws may include, but are not limited to fines, jail, or prison sentences up to ninety-nine (99) years or life. (For a more complete list of legal sanctions and laws, see appendix A.) Students who violate both the Code of Conduct and federal, state, local, or other applicable law may be accountable to both HCC and the civil or criminal authorities.

College Sanctions

The College shall, within the scope of applicable federal and state due process requirements, take such administrative or disciplinary action as is appropriate for violations of the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Policy, HCC Policy and applicable law. In the event that such violation is also a violation of federal, state, or local law, HCC may decide to proceed or delay its own disciplinary processes.


Any student demonstrating violation of the Student Code of Conduct including, but not limited to, the prohibition of possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol, shall be subject to discipline, up to and including expulsion, in accordance with Board policy and applicable law. (For further discussion of the disciplinary procedures, please reference the Policy on Discipline in the Student Handbook.)

Students may be asked to participate in a drug and alcohol assistance or rehabilitation program.
• Parents of students may be notified of violations of the Student Code of Conduct.
• HCC shall vigorously pursue enforcement against students who fail to abide by its standards of conduct. Disciplinary action taken in any HCC college shall be In effect district-wide.


Upon the receipt of information indicating a drug or alcohol related problem, employees may be required to submit to a medical examination or drug testing, enroll in the Employee Assistance Program, take leave without pay, and potentially, suffer immediate termination.
• In the event of confirmation of prohibited possession, use, or distribution by an employee administrative or disciplinary action may include, but is not limited to, reprimand, suspension, or termination of employment or requirement that the employee participate in and/or successfully complete an appropriate rehabilitation program and/or arrest or referral to the appropriate law enforcement agency.
• Other sanctions may include, but are not limited to, employee counseling sessions, written reprimands, formal discussions with supervisors, decision- making leave, and leave without pay.
• If the employee engages in driving as part of his/her job related duties, such privilege may be revoked.
• Any action taken by HCC may be taken immediately.


• Any visitor engaging in any act prohibited by this Policy shall be called on to immediately cease such behavior and shall be subject to other sanctions including referral to law enforcement officials for arrest and prosecution.