Apply to HCC: Concurrent F-1 student

About Concurrent F-1 Enrollment

If you are an F-1 student with a SEVIS Form I-20 from another U.S. school and would like to take a few courses at HCC, follow the steps below to enroll as a concurrent student.

* NOTE: Because of its authorization requirements, HCC is not able to accept Distance Education (fully online courses) students from the following states: Arkansas, District of Columbia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Step 1: Online Application, W and P numbers

  • Complete the online application for Admissions to HCC (If you already have an HCC student ID, request a Concurrent Enrollment letter from your primary school (you will neeed one for each semester you enroll at HCC), scan it and save it as a PDF file. Send it as an attachment to Write “CONCURRENT” and your HCC student ID in the subject line. Then proceed to Step 3. If this does not apply to you, begin at Step 1.)
  1. Select “Semester Credit Hour” and click Next
  2. Enter your date of birth (leave the Social Security Number space empty)
  3. Under the “Biographical Data” section, check the box for F-1 students
  4. For F-1 type, choose Concurrent Student
  5. Complete the rest of the application and submit
  6. Record your HCC student ID and your Assigned Number (starting with P)

      Important: Do not submit multiple applications! You need only one HCC student ID and we can work with you if you have to make changes. Multiple student IDs will slow your application process.

Step 2: Set up your HCC account

You will receive an email with your HCC student ID and Assigned P number and instructions how to upload documents in your To Do list. Please follow these instructions carefully. You can also follow the instructions below.

  • Navigate to the Student System Sign In webpage:
  1. Visit
  2. Click the "STUDENT SIGN-INS" link found in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Under "PeopleSoft," select "Student System sign-in"
  4. You are now on the Student System Sign-In page.  You will need to re-visit this page often, so it is a good idea to save it as a favorite in your internet browser.
  • Create your account
  1. On the Student System Sign-In page, click "First Time User"
  2. In the SSN field, enter your Assigned Number / P-number. Your assigned number is the number you recorded after you submitted the online application.
  3. Enter your Date of Birth
  4. Click "Retrieve ID/PWD"
  5. You will be provided with your User ID and a temporary password.
  6. The next time you log in, you will be prompted to change your temporary password.

If you need additional assistance with accessing your account, please visit

Step 3: Prepare supporting documents

* All documents must be saved as PDF files. Bad quality or upside-down documents will be rejected. Please combine different document types in 1 PDF file. To scan and convert a file to PDF format, you can also use free PDF scanner apps (Genius Scan - PDF Scanner, Fast Scanner: Free PDF Scan for Android, Tiny Scanner- PDF scanner, etc.)

  • Request a Concurrent Enrollment letter from your primary school (you will need one for each semester you enroll at HCC), then scan and save it on your computer as PDF file. To upload, please save all pages into one PDF file.

Step 4: Upload documents to your To Do List

  1. Log in to your account on the HCC Student System
  2. On the right side of your account homepage, you will see a "To Do List" with a list of items you must submit to complete your application.
  3. Once an item is ready to submit, click on the more/upload link in your “To Do List” and upload the already prepared document. *

* Monitor your To Do list for additional documents that may be required.

Step 5: Proof of meningitis vaccine

Submit proof of meningitis vaccine (if you are under 22 years old) at a campus or email to The system will not allow you to enroll in classes until your proof of vaccination has been processed.

Step 6: Submit official transcript

HCC will use unofficial transcripts/grade reports and TSI scores for initial advisement and placement purposes. However, a transcript hold will be placed on your record until an official transcript is received in the Office of Student Records within the first semester of enrollment. English proficiency test may apply.

You may submit a transcript or score report by:

  1. Taking it to the Registrar’s Office on a campus.
  2. Electronic submission from your school.
  3. Directly mailing a sealed transcript.

If you need to directly mail an official transcript or score report to HCC, please use the following address:

Houston Community College
Office of Student Records
P.O. Box 667517, MC 1136
Houston TX 77266-7517

If you have a college transcript from a country outside of the United States, please visit the Transfer Room for more information.

Step 7: Register and pay for classes.

If this is your first-time enrolling at HCC, you will need to see advisor at the HCC campus where you are planning to attend classes. Placement tests or pre-requisites may apply.

Step 8: Attend class

Print schedule for your records and attend classes.