Financial Aid U: Training for College Access Professionals

Training Designed With You in Mind

College access professionals are facing large caseloads, regulatory mandates, and very little time to properly advise students about funding their post-secondary educations. But what if a one-day, FREE training would equip them with the knowledge to confidently handle students’ financial aid questions, and help them contribute to their campuses’ focus on increasing number of students pursuing post-secondary education? That’s exactly what Financial Aid U: Training for College Access Professionals is designed to do.

If you have questions, please feel free to email the host committee at If you would like to request the HCC Financial Aid team to present to students, please visit our Financial Aid Outreach Request page. 

Fall 2020 Training Update

For the past two years, HCC Financial Aid has provided college access professionals with financial aid training, so they can help students navigate the financial aid process.  
We're pleased to announce that we're planning to offer Financial Aid U training this year — virtually.
Since we're delivering the content differently, we want to hear from you in preparation of the training. Please take a few minutes to complete our "Financial Aid U" training survey that assesses interest, readiness for virtual training and preferred schedule.

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Who Should Attend

This training is specifically designed for

  • College Access Professionals.
  • Career, Technical and Education (CTE) Professionals.
  • High School Guidance Counselors. 
  • School District Administrators. 
  • College and Career Access Organizations and Agencies.


Benefits and What You Will Learn

A survey from American Student Assistance survey revelaed that 92% of high school college counselors say it’s their responsibility to discuss college affordability; but only 55% have formal training on handling financial aid questions, and only 21% on handling questions regarding debt.

This training is designed to help all attendees will walk away equipped with knowledge and tools to help students navigate financial aid process. They will also receive a certificate of completion and free lunch.

Here is overview of what you will learn from 2019 Financial Aid U: Training for College Access Professionals.

  • Best practices for filing 2020-2021 federal (FAFSA) and state (TASFA) aid applications.
  • New state mandate for graduating seniors to complete FAFSA/TASFA
  • New "promise programs" offering free tuition, fees and books.
  • Answers to tough questions: which parent to put on fafsa; what is an independent and dependent student; how to note number of people included in household; how to handle special circumstances; and how to help students understand award letters.
  • What types of aid exists and other options for funding college.
  • How colleges package/award students based on expected family contribution (efc), needs analysis and cost of attendance.
  • What to expect from FAFSA's new mobile app.
  • How to search for and vet scholarships.



What the Training Is/Is Not

  • Is NOT a pitch to send a student to any specific college or university.  
  • IS a comprehensive overview of the financial aid process at any institution.
  • Is NOT surface level content you can Google.
  • IS training with knowledgeable facilitators that have 20+ years of experience helping students leverage federal, state and institutional aid to fund post-secondary education.