HCC Champions of Instruction Award

HCC Champions of Instruction Award 2013

The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, initiated in 2013 the HCC Champions of Instruction Award. The purpose of this award is to recognize dedicated staff members within the Division of Academic Affairs who have made significant contributions over a period of several years to improve and support our instructional initiatives district-wide.

A committee was established to accept recommendations for consideration to receive the award and select one champion from Academic and Workforce. The following two staff members were recipients of the first awards. This recognition will be part of the annual Chancellor’s Employee Awards Ceremony.

HCC Champion of Workforce Instruction 2013

Ms. Maria Bazan Myrick, in her role as Program Director for the School of Continuing Education Languages Department, made extraordinary contributions to the restructuring of the Intensive English and Continuing Education ESL programs. From the beginning of the joint Continuing Education and SCH project, with a highly positive and energetic approach, she focused on what could be done rather than what couldn’t.  The progress made during the two semesters of this transition has been highly successful due to her dedication to this project.  Maria truly exemplifies the quality of an outstanding and dedicated employee who leads by example and possesses great knowledge in the instructional ESL field.

HCC Champion of Academic Instruction 2013

Dr. David Diehl serves as Director of HCC Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE).  David has proven himself time and again to be a professional dedicated to the concept of “learner-centered” instruction at HCC – helping HCC faculty to be even more successful educators.  Emphasizing the use of active, collaborative, and real-world learning experiences for students, David has spearheaded a district-wide effort to instill this concept and practice into all aspects of teaching at HCC. Having established a culture focusing on positive results, he and his staff developed the high-quality Teaching and Learning Program, which provides a comprehensive professional development curriculum for faculty to improve instruction and move it toward the “high-tech, high-touch” learner-centered model envisioned for all HCC students. David has also been instrumental in the progress and success of numerous HCC initiatives such as the Gulf Coast PASS grant, the Futures Academy program with HISD, Texas Success Initiative, and HCC Coleman Blue Ribbon Learner-Centered Workforce Curriculum program. David is also credited with creating quality professional development elements for instructional leaders at HCC. For his excellence and numerous achievements, David was awarded the first HCC Champion of Academic Instruction Award presented by the Division of Academic Affairs.