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Feature Stories

IDEAStudio Earth Day 2020 Activities

Apr 20, 2020

This year, IDEAStudio has been looking at the problem of plastic waste through the “Plastic Planet Remix Challenge”. To keep things going as we all are work and go to school from home, we will host several virtual activities to celebrate the 50th annual Earth Day, April 22, 2020.

Wednesday, April 20–22 – Stream “The Story of Plastic” Documentary

We are hosting a virtual screening of the new documentary “The Story of Plastic” which​ investigates the man-made crisis of plastic pollution and the worldwide effect it has on the health of our planet.


Tuesday, April 21, 3pm ­– Gigabot X: Pellet 3D Printing with Recycled Plastics

Join us this Earth Day's Eve for a virtual session with re:3D's Helen Little to find out how they are tackling the problem of plastic waste.


Friday, April 24 – Discussion on “The Story of Plastic”

After you stream “The Story of Plastic” join us at the end of the week for a virtual discussion of the documentary. What did it get right? How does the current need for plastic-based PPE for healthcare and first responders complicate our relationship to plastic?


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