Newsletter from Trustee Robert Glaser, District V

Mar 9, 2022

Dear Neighbors,

The need for higher education and career advancement in our region continues. While the ongoing pandemic has been a tough time for all, HCC continues to provide courses and programs that prepare students for in-demand and well-paying jobs.

HCC has been nimble and flexible and our instructors have adjusted to online and hybrid courses to keep students enrolled and studying toward the completion of certificates and degrees to lead to new careers and advancement. In good times and lean times, the college consistently puts student needs first.

HCC is a trusted and reliable community partner in all things education, including academic transfer courses, and workforce training programs—through affordable, accessible in-person and online instruction. Our college system has also strengthened its collaboration with small businesses and other downstream employer partners, many of whom are ready to add to their workforce as soon as they can.

We are also striving to build our enrollment through dual-credit academic programs for high school students, expanding workforce training in diverse fields, community learning classes for personal development and lifelong learning for those over 55. And, to respond to such times as these, we have been more nimble than ever before, offering online and hybrid courses to keep students moving towards the completion of their studies and the start of new careers.

  • HCC offers several options for obtaining computers and internet access.
  • Discounts are available on the purchase of computers from leading manufacturers
  • Free use of software from leading companies such as Microsoft and Adobe.
  • Wi-Fi is available at all HCC campuses and outdoor venues, including college parking lots.
  • Professional technical support is also available to assist you in your journey.


HCC is here for you!



Trustee Robert Glaser Signature

Robert Glaser
HCC Board of Trustees
District V


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