Returning HCC Student

Welcome back to HCC!

Degree-seeking students who have not been enrolled for the past 3 semesters are Returning Students who will need to follow re-admission steps. There is no fee to submit a re-admission application. 

If you are a current HCC student, skip the admissions and application steps and login to the Student Center to enroll.


Re-admissions Application


Enrollment Checklists


Meet with an Advisor


Register & Pay for Classes


Step 1

Re-admissions Application

Reactivate your student account

Visit the link below and follow the instructions to regain access to your student account:

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Complete Re-Admissions Checklist Item/Application

  • After you sign into your account, you will see My Checklists with the Re-Admissions Checklist item. 
  • You will be assigned a task on your To-do list with a link to the Apply Texas application and a unique verification code to enter on question 23 in the biographical section. This code will ensure that you maintain the same ID and all previous records will be reflected on your updated application. 



Step 2

Enrollment Checklists

In addition to the Re-Admissions checklist item mentioned in Step 1, your To-Do list may have four additional types of checklist items: policy, onboarding/pre-enrollment; financial aid; or other.

To avoid delays in the processing of your application, please complete all To-Do List items.

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See the links below for additional information on specific checklist items:


For additional assistance with checklist items don't hesitate to get in touch with us through the Virtual Lobby or in person at a campus near you.


Step 3

Meet with an Advisor

Meet with an Academic Advisor once onboarding and checklist items are complete to discuss long-term goals, program plan, and placement in reading, writing, and math! 

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Step 4

Register & Pay for Classes

Log in to the Student Center and start adding classes to your schedule.

Please visit the "Financial Account" tab to review your account balance, due date, and payment options.

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Options to cover costs


Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Prepare for your first day of class!


We Are Here to Help

On-campus and virtual support options are available. Please click here to visit the Virtual Lobby webpage which is a one-stop resource to learn about the most up-to-date links and service hours for enrollment, advising, financial aid, and payment arrangement help.