Get your Student ID

Houston Community College operates six colleges with multiple locations throughout the greater Houston, TX metropolitan area. With a large student and employee population, being able to identify members of our HCC community is of great importance.  Thus, students and employees are asked to secure an ID and display the ID in a visible fashion when on campus.  Please be aware, employees and students must show their ID cards when asked by Police, Security, or other college officials to verify their affiliation and purpose for being on campus. 


Step 1:  After enrolling and paying for your classes, go here to request an ID.

Step 2:  Fill out the information as requested including selecting a location of where you would like to pick up your ID.  You can refer to for the exact locations of the campuses listed in the drop-down menu.

Step 3:  Upload your picture.  

The picture should be one passport-style photo as specified below:

  1. Color photograph with a plainlight-colored background.
  2. Current self-portrait (no edited or Photoshopped images).
  3. Full-face front view with the head centered facing straight towards the camera.
  4. Clear and good quality.


Step 4:  Submit

Step 5:  Check emails.  You will receive communication as follows: 

  1. Acknowledgment that your request was submitted.
  2. Notification that your picture was Accepted or Rejected.
  3. If your picture was not acceptable, follow the directions to submit a new picture.
  4. Notification that your ID has been produced and is ready for pick up at the location you selected.


Step 6:  Pickup ID within 72 hours from receipt of email #3. Refer to for the physical address and hours of operation for the pick-up site you specified.  After picking it up, you will receive one final email confirming your ID has been picked up.  If you get this email and you have NOT picked up your ID, follow the directions on the email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an HCC ID card?

All Houston Community College employees and current students must obtain an HCC photo identification card. 

What You Get to Do with ID Card

  • Access library and computer lab usage, offices providing student services, college activities, and elections for student leaders.
  • Receive discounts or free admission to events.
  • Access HCC Vehicle Assistance Program.

About Your ID Card 

  • It is unique to you.
  • It is not transferable and is only for your personal use.
    • Allowing someone else to use your card or using someone else’s card is prohibited and may result in the suspension of your ID card privileges and /or other disciplinary actions.
  • Employees and students must be prepared to present their photo IDs upon request of a college official.
  • Identification after hours or in an emergency.


What do I need to get my ID card?

Student Identification (ID) Cards are available once a student has registered and has a payment or financial aid on file.

To obtain their ID card, students will need to provide their student identification number (EMPLID); current student receipt, along with any one of the following:

  • Valid Driver’s License/Government Issued ID Card
  • Valid passport/Visa
  • Recent photo identification from another college/High School


How long does the process take?

The process should take approximately ten (10) minutes.


What should I do if I lose my ID card?

If students lose their ID cards, they should:

  • Report it to the police by calling 713-718-8888 as soon as it is discovered as missing. 
  • Log into the Student System to report their card loss. Complete the steps and obtain a reference number. Once you have reported your card lost/stolen/damaged, all access and privileges will be deactivated. 

To obtain a replacement card, please initiate the process at the college campus you attend. A nominal fee will be charged for the replacement of lost ID cards.


Is there a cost to replace my ID card?

Badge Operator responsibility when cards are reported lost, stolen, or damaged:

  • For cards that are reported lost or stolen within forty-eight hours, there is no charge.
  • For cards that are reported lost or stolen outside of the 48-hour time frame, there is a $15 replacement cost for both students and employees.
  • For cards that are reported damaged, there is no charge. The person reporting this should bring the damaged badge/pieces to the Badge Operator for destruction.