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HCC Alumni Network

Over 2,000,000+ alumni have attended Houston Community College since 1971. HCC Alumni Affairs is striving to connect all alumni through the HCC Alumni Association, which reaches into all industries and at all professional levels in the Houston area, across the United States, and around the world. Connecting students to this vast network is a primary goal of the Alumni Affairs office.

Benefits of the HCC Alumni Association

HCC Alumni Affairs is a new offering at Houston Community College as the office was formed in the Spring 2024 semester. The office is in the process of expanding its services and offerings for alumni and students through the HCC Alumni Association. This will include offering various industry perks, consumer discounts, access to social communities and networking events, career resources, and professional services as part of a membership. There are no fees or dues to join the HCC Alumni Association at this time.

In addition, alumni seeking opportunities to give back to the institution in the form of mentorship, hiring students, industry representation on advisory committees, speaking engagements, and philanthropic activities are welcomed as members of the HCC Alumni Association. 

Alumni Engagement 

Through the HCC Alumni Association, Alumni Affairs will be engaging alumni regarding opportunities to support students, networking events, career & transfer fairs, HCC news, speaking engagements, industry panels and speaking engagements, professional development seminars, and guest speaker opportunities.

Note: Alumni being highlighted and or interested in supporting the mission of HCC through the Alumni Affairs office must be registered members of the HCC Alumni Association. 

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HCC Alumni Affairs

Alumni can reach out to HCC Alumni Affairs with questions regarding our benefits, services, and getting involved at Houston Community College. Eagles Soar!

3100 Main, Houston, TX 77002

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm