Career Inventory Resources for Undecided Majors

What counselors offer

  • Assistance to choose or change careers: Career decision-making
  • Career workshops & individual career counseling appointments
  • Career interests, skills, values, & personality type inventory assessments
  • Educational goal-setting to support career choice
  • Interpretation of career self-assessment tools for interests, skills, values, & personality type
  • Referrals to the Career Services & Job Placement for career research, internet resources, résumés, informational interviewing, & job shadowing

Find a Career Specialist or Counselor

To schedule a career counseling appointment, contact the Career/Job Placement or Counseling office directly.


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Jobs & careers can always change, but your personality, likes/dislikes, & interests change less often.

By understanding who you are & what you’re interested in, you’ll be able to find the right field.

Create a CareerHub Account & Take the Career Coach Assessment

Take Additional Career & Interest Inventories:


Additional Career Support:


Schedule an appointment to speak with a Career Specialist about your career (Video on how to schedule appointment).


Counselors are also available if you need a more holistic view of career exploration. Counselors can help students explore family/personal/society expectations, short/long term goals, and mental health concerns. You can contact the campus counseling office directly.

One of the best and easiest ways to see if a field works for you is to simply ask someone.

You can call or drop by any business and tell them that you’re a student and would like to learn more about that particular industry. Most professionals are very willing to help students out.

Here are some questions you should ask:

  • What do you think is the most difficult part of your job?
  • What do you find most rewarding during your day?
  • If you were to do it all over again, what would you have done differently?
  • What kind of advice do you have for a student like me in getting into a field like yours?


Attend an HCC JOB FAIR


What are some other questions that you’d like to ask?

A college freshman changes their major 3-4 for times.

The more times you change your major, the longer it may take you to graduate, but by more clearly understanding your career goal, you can achieve it more quickly


After going through all of the above steps, ask yourself:

  • What is it that really interested me in this career?
  • What do I personally need to improve upon so I can get into this field? Is it training, public speaking, writing, technology skills, etc?
  • What did I learn about this field that surprised me?
  • What did I learn that I didn’t know before about this career?
  • How will my personality fit this field?


It’s ok to change your mind. When you change your mind, go over the steps above again to help you figure if a field is right for you.


Don't forget to talk to an HCC Career Specialist or Counselor today!


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